Mission and Vision of Ternopil State Medical University

TSMU’s mission is:

  • To train the next generation of highly-skilled professionals for the public health system of Ukraine and other countries by providing quality academic services and adherence to high standards in education, research, and training.
  • To advance fundamental and applied research in biomedical and pharmacological sciences, to provide leading-edge clinical help and to develop new diagnostic and treatment techniques for the needs of the national system of public health
  • To support 24/7 our students in their pursuit of intellectual, spiritual and professional goals allowing them to become accomplished independent and socially aware individuals.

TSMU is a tertiary medical school at the forefront of medical education and exploration. It continually grows and develops, aiming to become a preeminent and enduring academic research institution for the training of highly-skilled and competitive professionals that are recognized by their peers worldwide and are confident that their training is in demand in today society.

The mission of the University
Training of highly skilled specialists for the health care system of Ukraine and abroad through the provision of educational services of the proper quality, adherence to high standards in teaching, scientific and professional activity.

The development of fundamental and applied science in the field of medicine and pharmacy, the provision of high-tech science-intensive medical care and the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for the needs of the domestic health system.

Creating for students the conditions for self-development, self-realization and spiritual search, which is the key to the formation of highly educated, free, democratic and nationally conscious people.

TNMU – a higher educational institution that supports leadership in medical education and science, is dynamically developing and seeks to become a prestigious and powerful academic research center for the training of highly educated professionals, competitive in the domestic and international labor market, recognized by international professional and scientific communities, confident in the demand for their professional knowledge on the part of modern society.