Cost of Living

In order to live comfortably while studying in Ternopil, the student should have about 200 US$ monthly for living costs, above the cost of tuition. The cost of living and studying in Ukraine is much cheaper than in any other European country. It is difficult to name a definite sum because of the difference in the students’ lifestyle, but you can see the approximate costs below.


Food items are of hygienic and good quality and above all, it is of a very low price. If you eat fromTernopil National Medical University mess it is also quality food at a low price.


Textbooks are provided by the Ternopil National Medical University Library.


Transport is also very cheap in Ukraine you can spend the whole month in a very small amount. For money transfer from your country, we suggest you use online transactions, as it has made the procedure easier as compared to cheques.


Students get 40% off the regular price on Train and Bus Tickets.


After arriving, we suggest you open bank accounts as soon as possible. Ternopil National Medical University campus has all the branches of banks available in Ukraine.

Center for Educational Work and Cultural Development of the State Medical University “Ternopil State Medical University named after I. Ya. Gorbachevsky of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” was established in 2015. The head of the center is the assistant professor. O. Z. Yaremchuk.

The purpose of the Center for Educational Work and Cultural Development is to ensure the cultural, intellectual and spiritual development of the students of the University, to raise respect and love for their native land, Ukrainian traditions, national shrines, and the formation of a conscious citizen, the patriot of Ukraine.

The implementation of the main tasks and principles of the educational work of the center is carried out in such priority areas as national-patriotic, intellectual-spiritual, legal, moral, ecological, aesthetic and professional education, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, carrying out work on social protection of students.