The library of Ternopil State Medical University was created in June 1957 by the university Order No. 21 from June 27, 1957.

At first, it was a small library, which was located in two lecture rooms and contained 12 400 copies. Mostly there were printings from the exchange funds. Three specialists worked there: the Head of the Library P.S. Herasymenko and two librarians.

The main task of the library was to provide our students with textbooks, to help the teaching staff in their scientific work and researches, to assist personal development of the students.

The TSMU was developing as well as the supplies of the library, its book collection, staff and readers were increasing too every year. The library moved to new premises in a morphological building. In the early 60’s new division of literacy acquisition and scientific ordering, reference and bibliographic division, circulation division for study materials and non-fiction and a reading hall were created.

Alphabetical and systematic catalogs, and afterward a subject one has been being arranged since the first days of the library functioning. The funds have been also accomplished with new works in medicine, social studies, fiction, and international literature.

The library developed as well as the TSMU did: new faculties were opened, the number of students and teaching staff increased, as well as its research opportunities.

Today the TSMU is proud of its library. Its collection consists of about 400,000 copies of scientific, study materials and fiction. The unique national medical publications since 1957 are very valuable.

Since 2005, the main building of the library is situated at 8 Sichovi Striltsi Street. It consists of three structural divisions: division of collection maintenance and storing, which includes delivery desks, reading halls, and their units; division of literacy acquisition and scientific ordering; reference and bibliographic division.

There are the following sections for the readers: the section of non-fiction, study materials and fiction and the circulation for international students.

At the library, there are rare publications and the latest works in medicine. The e-books collection on CDs (CD-ROM) helps the students much in learning. Reference publications and English language library comprise the separate collections.

Library reference section helps the readers to work with the catalog system and files. A unique subject catalog, as well as systematic and alphabetical ones, collect all articles of all publications and issues of the library.

Highly skilled, erudite staff meets the requirements of the readers in all library departments and provide rich customer services culture.