Faculty of Dentistry


Specialties and Qualification:

Specialty – 7.12010005 “Dentistry” – “Specialist” academic degree, 221 “Dentistry”.

Specialist qualification – dentists

Training duration: 5 years

Training forms: full-time

Financing: state-financed, contractual (self-financed).

Dentistry faculty brings together four departments:

  •          Department of Surgery Dentistry
  •          Department of Therapeutic Dentistry
  •          Department of Pediatric Dentistry
  •          Department of Orthopedic Dentistry

Today, studying at the faculty of Dentistry are 747 students, including 177 foreigners. The number of state-financed students is 21.

History of the Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Dentistry Ternopil National Medical University named by I. Ya Gorbachevskiy, Ministry of Health of Ukraine “was founded in September. 1, 2004.

In January 2006, established the first specialized department’s dentistry. Students 2nd-year dental faculty began studying dental disciplines – propedeutics therapeutic, orthopedic and pediatric dentistry. The department placed in the school building on Ruska street, 12, as head of its MD, Professor Stepan Cherkashyn.

In September 2006, the department of dentistry reorganized and created three specialized departments: therapeutic and child dentistry, dental propaedeutics discipline and the department of surgical and prosthetic dentistry.

To improve the quality of teaching and learning methods of students unification dentists, improving teaching, research and medical care in the 2009/2010 academic year, the reorganization of departments and organized four specialized department of dental faculty – therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic and children dentistry that function now.

Dental faculty of Ternopil National Medical University is the academic buildings on Chekhova Street in the regional center. In the dental faculty currently, 683 students acquire knowledge dentists, including 519 domestic and 164 foreign.

According to the approved “Concept of Ternopil National Medical University by I. Gorbachevskiy “implemented in the departments of Z-education system, lines of practical skills, objective structured clinical examination, communication skills, allowing you to prepare better quality specialist compared with the traditional training system.

Undoubtedly, the glorious cohort of faculty researchers – five doctors of medical sciences, 25 candidates of medical sciences.

Founder of the dental school in Ternopil and the domestic medical area is rightly considered Stepan Ivanovich Cherkashin region – the first Dean of Faculty of Dentistry (2004-2006 .), Now he is a professor, head of the department of the dentistry research institute of postgraduate education.

During two years (2006-2008 ) Led the dental department MD Alexander V. Avdeev. He is currently head of the department of pediatric dentistry, a talented scientist and a wise mentor.

During six years (2008-2014) dean of dentistry, the faculty was Professor Yaroslav Nagirniy – an outstanding personality, a gifted scholar and a wise mentor – Today Head of Surgical Dentistry Department.

The teaching at the Faculty is carried out by credit-transfer system for curricula approved for specialty “Dentistry” 7.12010005 compliance with the “Methodological guidelines for teachers on the educational process in the Ternopil National Medical University” and “Regulations on the organization of educational process in SHEI” Ternopil State National University by I. Ya Gorbachevskiy MoH of Ukraine “on the basis of academic buildings on Chekhova Street 3, 5, 7, surgical dentistry department at the circuit TOR” TUL “TOKOD surgical department.

An important step in learning practical skills are lines that include all the necessary skills according to the educational qualification characteristics of a graduate and is a must for a successful student during the school year. For mastering practical skills the student has all conditions.

The team of dental faculty actively participates in the scientific life of Ukraine. Already become traditional annual scientific conferences on topical issues of dentistry, held in September at the NOC “Chervona Kalina”. September 26, 2014, a conference “Innovative technologies in dentistry” in which was attended 115 participants, including delegates from Lviv National Medical University, Uzhgorod National Medical University, Bukovyna State Medical University, State Higher Educational Institution, Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical University.

The faculty has a student scientific society. The research achievements of students of dental faculty are highlighted in the reports and collection of annual International Congress of Medical students and young scientists (Ternopil), national scientific conferences (Lviv, Poltava, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk) and International scientific conferences (Kazan, Samarkand). Annually piggy scientific achievements dental faculty students and their supervisors updated with diplomas and certificates.

In April 2015, the team of students in the Faculty of Dentistry of Ternopil National Medical University had an II stage of Ukrainian Student Olympiad on specialty “Dentistry” held at the SHEI “Ukrainian Academy of Medical Dental” won an honorable 2nd place. Defended the honor of TSMU students of the fourth and fifth-year dental faculty, including Andriy Zelinsky, Michael Gnatkiv Julia Kozub, Andrew Zajac, Roxanne Avdeev.