Health Care Services

Recently, the number of foreign citizens temporarily residing in the territory of Ukraine has increased significantly. This is also explained by the fact that for many foreigners studying in our Higher Education Institutions is quite cheap, and therefore many are trying to acquire it in Ukraine. Also, a huge number of foreign guests come to Ukraine for tourist vouchers, for treatment or for business negotiations. The legislation of Ukraine provides that when staying in the territory of the state of Ukraine, each non-resident must issue a foreign citizen medical insurance policy. This policy (insurance) is issued once and is valid until the end of the period of stay in the country.

A comprehensive health care service is provided to all the students of TSMU. The health care of the TSMU offers prevention procedures such as eyesight testing and vaccination. The Health care staffs include doctors of both sexes.

All students are medically insured. The medical care provided by the TSMU covers preventive care, treatment, medicaments, operations, and medical examination. The Technical Council for medical affairs supervises this service.

The Student Clinic established at the TSMU campus. It also includes an outpatient clinic for various medical specialization. The clinics have been provided with modern equipment. At the beginning of the academic year, new students are obliged to have a medical checkup.

The TSMU Health Service is free for all the TSMU students and staff members, offering General Practice together with specialized advice for family planning, psychiatric and psychological problems, S.T.D., gynecology, immunization and travel advice, as well as minor surgery.

General Practitioners are available for general and urgent consultations throughout the day. There are also four Nurse Practitioners and administrative staff. The TSMU Health Service center is from 8.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.